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Somalia: Opportunities for peace in Kismayo, Somalia: Insights from local peacebuilders on the causes of violent conflict and the prospects for peace
8 MINS AGO - Source: Peace Direct Country: Somalia 20 May 2019: ‘Opportunities for Peace in Kismayo, Somalia, Expand
How a new diet for gassy cows is helping the environment
5 HRS AGO - Colombian farmers are piloting a way of raising cows that's better for the environment.
Severe Weather and Tornadoes Threaten Plains
7 HRS AGO - It’s a terrifying time for those living in the Plains. The Storm Prediction Center issued Expand
Oil Giants Now Pushing GOP To Pass A Carbon Tax
8 HRS AGO - British Petroleum and Shell are pouring $1 million each into a Republican-backed group advocating Expand
Is there a problem with salmon farming?
9 HRS AGO - Marine biologist and diver David Ainsley is concerned about the effect fish farms have on marine Expand
Green New Deal Portent: Climate Change Gets A Drubbing In Australia
10 HRS AGO - If American Democrats want a warning about the consequences of embracing the Green New Deal, look Expand
World: To Tackle Climate Change, Leaders Must Tax Pollution, Not People, End Coal Plant Construction by 2020, Secretary-General Urges, Concluding Pacific Region Visit
10 HRS AGO - Source: UN Secretary-General Country: World SG/SM/19584-ENV/DEV/1953 Following is UN Expand
Mummy's boy: Bonobo mothers make sure their sons find fertile females
12 HRS AGO - This behaviour triples the chance of their son having his own offspring, researchers say
Nicaragua: Hydrometeorological and Climate Services Modernisation Plan For Nicaragua - January 2019
12 HRS AGO - Source: Government of Nicaragua, World Bank, GFDRR Country: Nicaragua EXECUTIVE Expand
China: China launches new early warning platform of Taihu Lake algae blooms
17 MINS AGO - Source: Xinhua Country: China BEIJING, May 18 (Xinhua) -- A new monitoring and early warning Expand
Rise in global sea levels could have 'profound consequences
6 HRS AGO - Researchers say global sea levels may rise by 2m by the end of this century, double the current Expand
Labor's entire policy agenda is up for review, Jim Chalmers tells Q&A
7 HRS AGO - ‘Our job now is not to engage in some year-long pity party,’ leadership aspirant saysThe Labor Expand
China’s Eco-Efforts Stymied By Fake Data, Endemic Cheating
8 HRS AGO - China’s notoriously lax local government officials and polluting companies are finding creative Expand
After ‘Stunning’ Conservative Win, NYTimes Compares Australia To ‘American South’
9 HRS AGO - This weekend, another political earthquake hit the establishment. After trailing in every poll and Expand
Global sea levels may rise more than two metres by 2100
10 HRS AGO - We're closer to business as usual than what we would hope,' says Professor Jonathan Bamber
Value farmers if you want to save bees | Letters
11 HRS AGO - We need new agricultural policies to encourage biodiversity, says Jean McKendree, while Morris Expand
Climate crisis: Satellites to monitor air pollution generated by every power station in the world
12 HRS AGO - Too many power companies worldwide currently shroud their pollution in secrecy… We are about to Expand
Brazil reverses decision to cancel Latin American climate week
12 HRS AGO - Government backtracks under pressure from mayor of host city, who is a political friend of Expand
North Queensland is just at the sharp end of what’s happening across Australia | Jason Wilson
2 HRS AGO - All of us have benefited from theft and environmental degradation, all of us have depended on new Expand
Nigeria: Shoring up stability: Addressing climate & fragility risks in the Lake Chad Region
6 HRS AGO - Source: adelphi Country: Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria The people of Lake Chad are caught in a Expand
The Global Revolt Against Costly Climate Schemes A Warning To 2020 Dems
8 HRS AGO - Australia’s left-wing Labor Party decided to make tackling climate change the centerpiece of its Expand
How To Lose The ‘Unloseable’ Election? Be Anti-Coal With A Pricey Climate Agenda
9 HRS AGO - The Coalition can now for a majority government with no need to do deals with a GetUp candidate. Expand
DC Comics Shuts Down Ocasio-Cortez’s Superhero Alter Ego
10 HRS AGO - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be a heroine to legions of fans, but Wonder Woman, she ain’t — so Expand
Determination and passion: how these renewable energy resources can save our planet | Damon Gameau
10 HRS AGO - There are already environmental solutions that reduce emissions and regenerate ecosystems – we Expand
Changing the Game: Introducing The Independent's series on sport, environment and the climate crisis
11 HRS AGO - Nearly every sport interacts with the natural world in some way. Even from an entirely selfish Expand
Vega to take Spain’s SEOSAT–Ingenio into orbit
12 HRS AGO - ESA and Arianespace have signed a contract that secure the SEOSAT–Ingenio Earth observation Expand

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