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I’m a freegan – I get food from bins, foraging or my garden
56 MINS AGO - Green activist John Cossham, 52, on how he earns very little so he can live a low-carbon Expand
Swimming with biggest great white shark on record
7 HRS AGO - Footage emerges of divers getting up close and personal with a massive great white shark.
Polar Bear Photos From 2017 And 2018 Show The Animals Thriving With Less Sea Ice
10 HRS AGO - Candid images of fat, healthy bears taken over the last two years by unbiased photographers across Expand
What we don’t talk about when we only talk about Brexit | Jonathan Freedland
13 HRS AGO - Warming oceans, war in Yemen, the fate of the Uighurs, Gaza … We’ve been too busy with the Expand
Plant-focused diet won’t save the planet | Letters
15 HRS AGO - Richard Vernon says population reduction would do more for the planet than a change of diet, Expand
The Great Global Warming Hurricane Myth
16 HRS AGO - How often do we hear claims that there are more hurricanes than there used to be, or that they are Expand
Giant wind turbines with blades length of football pitch launched
17 HRS AGO - Manufacturer says 20 of these turbines would power a city size of Liverpool for a year
Say Thanks to This Guy Next Time You Land Safely: Meet the Man Keeping JetBlue Safe
18 HRS AGO - If you’ve ever traveled anywhere, you know about weather. You know how it can dramatically Expand
4 priorities in the race to build a sustainable global food system
19 HRS AGO - Our global food system is unsustainable, and under increasing pressure from a growing population. Expand
North American glaciers melting much faster than 10 years ago – study
1 HR AGO - Satellite images show glaciers in US and Canada, excluding Alaska, are shrinking four times faster Expand
Pentagon report details climate risks to bases, but critics say it’s short on detail
9 HRS AGO - The 22 page report to Congress highlighted 53 out of 79 bases exposed to current flooding risk -- Expand
Pentagon Confirms Climate Change Is A National Security Threat, Contradicting Trump
10 HRS AGO - The military walks a fine line between the White House's official climate denialism and the stark Expand
Brexit: Losing energy links to Europe after no-deal will cost UK more than £2bn every year
13 HRS AGO - After string of nuclear power failures, leaving EU could compromise nation's ability to share Expand
Antarctica expedition yields remains of tiny, ancient 'water bears
16 HRS AGO - Surprise haul of dead crustaceans and tardigrades made in Mercer subglacial lakeScientists have Expand
World: UNHCR Global Appeal 2019 Update
16 HRS AGO - Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: World The Global Appeal 2019 Update provides Expand
Climate NGO chief Wael Hmaidan sacked over bullying, harassment of staff
17 HRS AGO - Climate Action Network International terminates executive director after independent investigation Expand
Divers film close encounter with great white shark 'Deep Blue', thought to be one of world's largest
18 HRS AGO - Hawaiian authorities warn others to stay away from 'truly dangerous' ocean area
Attempt to turn Bulgarian national park into ski resort defeated in court
19 HRS AGO - Ruling blocks proposal to quadruple size of skiing zone in area home to ancient forests, wolves Expand
Melting glaciers spell trouble for millions in Asia
5 HRS AGO - In Central Asia, a warming climate is shrinking many glaciers. The Tuyuksu is losing ice every Expand
Experts Continue To Debunk WaPo’s Claim About The Shutdown And Weather Forecasts
10 HRS AGO - The Washington Post reported more than 10 days ago that weather forecasts were less reliable Expand
Why the US won't be prepared for the next natural disaster
11 HRS AGO - Every $1 spent on hazard mitigation saves the nation $6 in future disaster costs, yet billions are Expand
World: ‘Conflict and climate nexus’ unpacked at Nairobi high-level round table
15 HRS AGO - Source: Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre Country: Somalia, South Sudan, World by Julie Expand
Berkeley Earth: The WORST Temperature Dataset
16 HRS AGO - Berkeley Earth’s US temperature graph shows an impressive hockey stick. Berkeley Earth In 1989, Expand
Climate Weekly: Campaign chief fired for harassment
17 HRS AGO - Sign up to get our weekly newsletter straight to your inbox, plus breaking news, investigations Expand
NYT, Wash Post Promote ‘Ambitious’ Green New Deal, Minimize Criticism
18 HRS AGO - The Green New Deal concept is the latest rage among progressives and the media that love them. In Expand
The Snake Man - bitten by the love of his life
18 HRS AGO - How Ric Longmore survived a bite by a deadly tiger snake and devoted his life to promoting their Expand

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Hotter climate means hungrier insects will munch millions more tons of crops

By Lin Taylor | and was published on the Thomson Reuters

The climate crisis is here - and time to act is running out

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2019 RISK Award “Coastal resilience” – Call for

Managing the impact of extreme weather and flooding

Does your company offer solutions to extreme flood

Some Interesting tweets covering recent global weather events

The following Meteorology & Climate tweets are for anyone who

Managing the impact of extreme weather and flooding


Cities face dramatic rise in heat, flood risks by 2050, researchers say

by Laurie Goering | Thomson Reuters Foundation

World Bank Group Exceeds its Climate Finance Target with Record Year

Published July 19, 2018 Fiscal Year 2018 sets record with $20.5

A new World Bank report, South Asia’s Hotspots

Published 28 June, 2018 A new World Bank report, South

A video roundup of extreme weather from around the globe .....

A selection of extreme weather videos from around the globe taken

Kerala floods: why it’s so hard to detect the fingerprints of global warming - The Conversation

Jonathan Eden, Coventry University The devastating floods in the

Globally, fourth warmest July and year-to-date on record - reports NOAA

The latest report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric


MetraWeather provides a portfolio of weather forecasting products

Industry solutions for the effects of extreme weather as profiled at the recent InterFLOOD event in Singapore

Managing the impact of extreme weather and flooding. Are you on

A video roundup of extreme weather from around the globe .....

From deadly fires in California and Greece to droughts and

Some interesting tweets from the last week .....

  — BRINK Asia (@BRINKAsia) July 11, 2018 Plastic

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