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Climate Alarmists Warn of Coming ‘Mass Extinction Event’: Don’t Worry, They’re Always Wrong
59 MINS AGO - Scientists are once again sounding the alarm that humans are destroying the planet and we’re Expand
The Guardian view on climate talks: Brexit’s heavy weather | Editorial
1 HR AGO - If Brexit goes ahead, Britain will need to shape a green politics with devolution and social Expand
Officials Shut Down Keystone Pipeline After Oil Leak Discovered In South Dakota
1 HR AGO - The Keystone Pipeline was temporarily closed Thursday morning after an oil leak was discovered in Expand
Landmark Youth Climate Lawsuit Heads to Federal Appeals Court
3 HRS AGO - There has been a significant development in the constitutional climate change lawsuit Expand
Island Nations, With No Time to Lose, Take Climate Response Into Their Own Hands
4 HRS AGO - Island states that are least responsible for global emissions but most vulnerable to storms and Expand
German Jamaica-Coalition Talks Nearing Collapse; Merkel Won’t Set Deadline for Ending Coal
4 HRS AGO - Talks to form a coalition government in Germany were in deadlock on Friday morning (17 November), Expand
New data reinforces that oceans are driving warming this century
4 HRS AGO - October Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) are now available, and we see a slight upward response Expand
Here's what Earth might look like in 100 years — if we're lucky
5 HRS AGO - This is what the Earth could look like within 100 years if we succeed in curbing climate change.
If we act on climate change now, the economic prize will be immense | Felipe Calderón
5 HRS AGO - Acting on climate can certainly be driven by pure pragmatism: the economics of it are clear, Expand
To Fight Global Warming, The UN Wants Countries To Literally Suck CO2 Out Of the Air
1 HR AGO - While United Nations delegates wrap up this year’s climate summit, observers and experts have been Expand
Climate summit makes slow but steady progress as King Coal looms
1 HR AGO - There was little drama in Bonn other than some star turns and a pantomime villain. All eyes are Expand
‘Planet at a crossroads’: climate summit makes progress but leaves much to do
3 HRS AGO - The UN negotiations in Bonn lay the groundwork for implementing the landmark Paris deal, but tough Expand
Norway's airports refuel aircraft with biofuels
4 HRS AGO - Norway’s airports are leading efforts by the global aviation industry to curb its growing carbon Expand
Pope Francis: These 4 'Perverse Attitudes' Could Push Earth to Its Brink
4 HRS AGO - Pope Francis issued a strong message to negotiators at the COP23 Expand
Groups Sue Norway Over Failure to Protect Environment for Future Generations
4 HRS AGO - By David Leestma Greenpeace and the Nature and Youth environmental Expand
Zambia: Cost-benefit analysis for climate change adaptation in agriculture in Zambia
5 HRS AGO - Source: UN Development Programme Country: Zambia November 2017, Chisamba, Zambia - Seventy-eight Expand
World: SADC Regional Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis Synthesis Report 2017
5 HRS AGO - Source: Southern African Development Community Country: Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Expand
A sub-desert savanna spread across Madrid 14 million years ago
1 HR AGO - The current landscape of Madrid city and its vicinity was really different 14 million years ago. A Expand
The new northern powerhouse – the home counties and Oxford | Letters
1 HR AGO - Guardian readers on the economic divisions facing BritainBefore anyone leaps with joy at the Expand
Event: Security & Climate Change in the Pacific
2 HRS AGO - What: “Security & Climate Change in the Pacific: From Asia to the United States,” Expand
Canada & UK launch coal phaseout plan
3 HRS AGO - 17 November, 2017 – At the UN climate summit a group of countries has undertaken to end the use Expand
CFACT’s effectiveness acknowledged by leftist attack site DeSmog Blog
4 HRS AGO - DeSmog Blog was created to slander, smear and intimidate anyone who dares correct the record on Expand
NPR Uses Debunked Studies In Effort To Support Claims That Fracking Harms Health
4 HRS AGO - As part of its woefully misleading and one-sided series attacking the oil and gas industry, NPR’s Expand
Highs and lows of the Bonn climate talks – in pictures
4 HRS AGO - The successes and disappointments this week in Germany, where the world’s nations gathered for the Expand
Plant respiration could become a bigger feedback on climate than expected
5 HRS AGO - New research suggests that plant respiration is a larger source of carbon emissions than Expand

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New Zealand considers visa for climate 'refugees' from Pacific islands

Credit Francisco Anzola/Flickr By Lin

COP23 focus on early warning systems

This article was published on the PreventionWeb website on 16

FEATURE-Rampant land development will worsen U.S. wildfires – experts

by Gregory Scruggs | Thomson Reuters Foundation and was published

"Apocalyptic" storms threaten to overwhelm small island states - leaders

Credit: Prachatai / Flickr "Have we created a situation

Hurricanes, flood insurance and the dangers of ‘business as usual

NASA Watching Harvey from Satellites and the International Space

Silent killer: Sweltering planet braces for deadly heat shocks

by Laurie Goering Thomson Reuters

Hot and Dry: Australia's Weird Winter

This release appeared on The Climate Council

Hurricane Briefing Paper - Climate Council of Australia

NASA Watching Harvey from Satellites and the International Space

Hurricanes can turn back the development clock by years

This story was published on The World Bank website on 11 September,

Tillerson says U.S. could stay in Paris climate accord

Credit:  IIP Photo Archive / Flickr Comments signal a shift

Getting evacuations right--in time for the next one

Credit: Danielle Scott / Flickr This article appeared on the

Floods, Hurricanes, Droughts… When Climate Sets the Agenda

By Baher Kamal. This article was published on the ReliefWeb

The real villains in Harvey flood: urban sprawl and the politicians who allowed it: Opinion

Credit: SC National Guard / Flickr This article appeared on

As climate threats grow clearer, risk-lowering investment is crucial - bankers

Turning shifts to clean energy and climate resilience into projects

Powerful hurricanes to fuel demands from island nations at climate talks

Credit: PACAF / flickr "Hurricane Irma graphically


Credit: HUY NGUYEN / Flickr This report originally appeared

The new Great Barrier Reef pollution plan is better, but still not good enough

Credit: Eulinky / Flickr This article was authored

China’s ‘sponge cities’ aim to re-use 70% of rainwater – here’s how

Credit: Design for Health / Flickr This story appeared on the

ANALYSIS - Hurricane Harvey's aftermath could see pioneering climate lawsuits

Credit: SC National Guard / Flickr Published on

Farmer suicides: A call to climate action for India

Credit: CIAT / Flickr Published on the Thompson Reuters

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